Week 2 in the Wilderness of Work Life

Act 1, Scene 1:

Two young men, just past their teen years, sporting obnoxious jhola bags which were made popular by the Beatles during their stint in Rishikesh. They are walking in a circular path, tracing the concentric streets of Connaught Place in Delhi. One has purpose in his eyes; the other has a LoR in his eyes. I am the second guy. The other guy is the head of Visual Dept. in my NGO. Let’s call him “Mentor”, or just “M”.

M: Our mission is quite clear. On the basis of your cold and unsympathetic analysis of our work till date, we asked you to come up with a strategy to revamp the outreach and social media presence of the NGO through videos and other related media.

Me: [Gulps]

M: So you took a sick leave and came up with an ambitious plan. Now let’s see if you can deliver what you have promised.

Me: [Glances sheepishly] I believe the plan is sound and that we can finish it on time. But I think I’ll need some assistance while doing it.

M: [Smiles softly] Well that’s where I come in buddy. Don’t worry; we’ll put in our best efforts. Here, we don’t do half measures. And chill out man, you’ll get to explore Delhi like never before. Your month with us is going to be a memorable roller-coaster ride. Just hang on tight.


*this is a story which is written like a play which is supposed to be based on true events. The events are true, more or less. What I wanted to say was – first internship experience is pretty cool guys.

**there is only one Act in this play, which validates the fact that the author is a bad playwright.

Screenplay by:
Abhinav Singh

(Batch 2021)