Waiting’s No Fun


Days at work are all fine and dandy, but you know what really grinds your gears when you’re out working in an ad agency? No, it isn’t the long hours, it isn’t the seemingly haphazard scheduling, and it most certainly isn’t working on creatives and copywriting. No, the most annoying part of the job is WAITING FOR CLIENT FEEDBACK.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know how this works. The client’s role is penultimate in our line of work; what they say goes. You could have the most phenomenal creative idea in the world, but if the client does not believe that the idea ties in with the image of their brand, then it’s back to the drawing board for you. And I get that. That is part and parcel of the job. What irks me is the wait in between.

Picture this: You’re at work. Having just completed a digital banner for a client, you send it to your supervisor for approval. You get the okay, and move on to ask the client what they think. The mail has been sent; the client has been notified. Just a matter of hearing back now. Only you won’t hear back for HOURS. Calls go unanswered, texts go unread, emails unopened. So, you’re left sitting there twiddling your thumbs for the better part of the afternoon, or, if you’re fortunate, another assignment to work on in the meantime (Which I’m honestly grateful for. There’s something eerily awkward about being the only one with no work to do). Finally, late into the evening, there is a ping in your inbox. Finally, feedback has arrived. A few minor tweaks and adjustments. All’s well. Now that the changes are done, only one thing remains. The final green light before going live.

And so, the wait begins anew. *sigh*

Aditya Khound (Batch 2020)