Wacko Unveiled

FILM REVIEW: ‘Wacko’ by Akshat Jha, Dhwani Bhargava, Akshit Gupta and Shashank is a short film which would make you say- ‘I never saw this coming’. The film has the perfect combination of suspense, mystery and humor which makes it so engaging. It also stars Shivya Ganesh and Jainil as supporting actors who have undoubtedly justified their role with their performance.

The opening scene is of an empty classroom where Jainil is trying to hide a dead body. He quickly rushes back to his seat to prevent himself from getting caught in the act when a teacher enters the class and asks Jainil to leave as it’s already time for the college gates to shut. Right after the teacher leaves, Jainil takes out the dead body and starts thinking what to do with it. This is where the face of the dead person (Shivya) is revealed.

Suddenly, Akshat enters the classroom and finds Jainil sitting with what appears to be a dead body. He runs out before Jainil can see his face. From this point, the film turns into a Tom and Jerry episode. After a few minutes of running around and dodging, Jainil puts the dead body on a chair which had rolling wheels and presses the button for the lift. Only after entering the lift he realizes that Akshat is in the same lift standing right behind him. What happens next is what left many surprised and amused.

This film, which was an entry for TESS (SCMC’s very own film festival), won the hearts and laughs of the audience and the judges. The execution of the concept and the brilliant performances of the actors was what made this film a class apart from other entries.

Ritika Raj
(Batch 2021)