Volleyball: Batch 2024 leaves the audience speechless

The first volleyball match of ITS 2022 came to an end with Batch 2024 dishing out an exceptional performance leaving the enthusiastic crowd flabbergasted. The match between Batch 2023 and Batch 2024 commenced at 7:05 pm on the SLS volleyball court, with students from both the batches passionately cheering for their respective teams.
“I can say that our team has been working very hard. We’ve got an amazing captain Akshaj Joshi and very hardworking players. We will surely make an impact, if not win,” stated Armaan Misra, a student from 2024, before the commencement of the match.
2024 made a few unforced errors at the beginning as the match began with Batch 2023 taking the lead with a 1-0. However, they were quick to make a recovery. Captain Ragini Varadarajan set the pace, who served first from the Batch 2024 team.
Significant opportunities came in back to back when 2024’s Alisha Lalwani and Sartaj Singh Sekhon pulled off fabulous spikes after an amazing serve by Vaishakh Suresh, another remarkable player from Batch 2024. Veeral Kaul and Prashant Jhawar added to their team’s lead with spectacular smashes. Batch 2024 eventually won the first set with a score of 25-18.
The other team also had spectacular players who gave Batch 2024 a challenging competition. Siddharth Gandhi, Divyana Das stood out along with their captain Shivangi Dasgupta from Batch 2023. The team gave a very tough competition to Batch 2024, looking to draw first blood by employing aggressive tactics, continuing to set the pace for the #tayyarhainhum spirit of Batch 2023.
The match began with Divyana setting the momentum by serving first from Batch 23, followed by Ayush Malhotra which was continued by amazing sportsmanship from other members of the team with Cristabelle Dcunha, Apekshit Ganesh, and Soham Shah being the notable mentions.
Batch 2024 sealed their victory as they wrapped up the second set with 25-20, which was a very close call for Batch 2023.
“I am really grateful that we won the match, and I am also very proud of my team. Everyone performed beautifully. As far as the practice was concerned, every day, the entire team showed up with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, which calls for a lot of appreciation in itself.” These were the words of the Captains, Ragini Varadarajan and Akshaj Joshi, after the match, who were indeed delighted by the confidence and spirit their team showed.
It was a nail-biting match with several close calls. Both the teams were determinedly playing to win and were supported by fierce cheerleaders from their batches. Such instances are what make ITS an event that everyone looks forward to all year.
D V L S Pranathi
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)