‘Unremembered’: Bhuvanesh AS’ Protest Film Selected for LA Shorts International Festival


“Unremembered is a silent protest as being political is not optional, it is a necessity!” Bhuvanesh Ajithkumar Sheeba, the film’s director and a Batch ’22 student of the Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC), shared a pertinent thought with us as we sat down to discuss the momentous achievement of his work being selected for the L.A. Shorts International Film Festival. The film deals with caste and identity politics, in a country where he firmly believes that minorities have been oppressed for decades. It hopes to provide an opportunity for the viewers to ponder on the struggles of the people that we often seem to forget.

There were many tools at his disposal to create this vocal short film. But the one that was most effectively used was colour. Bhuvanesh is a follower of BR Ambedkar’s ideology to resist oppression and to stand for the minorities. Hence, there is a strong usage of the colour blue throughout the film as it is viewed as synonymous with resistance, with Ambedkar’s ‘blue coat’ providing the inspiration. The identity of a person belonging to a minority is always questioned, according to Bhuavanesh, and presenting this reflection of society might be the ripple needed to begin a wave of change.

We are very happy that our film was selected and we will always cherish this memory. The film discusses a concept which is known to everyone and yet forgotten… for the film will be a reminder about theunremembered’,” he says.

The 12-minute short film premiered on 12th July, following The Daughter that stars Naseeruddin Shah and Ira Dubey.

Aryan Krishnan
(Batch 2023)