It was college that taught me to grow out of my naive shell –a protective layer nurtured by the family, home and luxury.

At first, I hated the colour of the walls.

I didn’t like my new creaky bed and dismissed my roommate as a judgmental burden. But as time passed, college life left me radiating with an unknown pleasure.

Almost three years ago, I had dragged along a suitcase and unpacked my life into a new beginning. And after three years of bittersweet memories, it’s safe to say that I can’t pinpoint any particular thing that stood out; in fact, it was the little things that made SCMC an experience of a lifetime.

At SCMC, my average day begins with a coffee-fueled lecture at 10 a.m. followed by a giggle filled lunch at 1p.m. At 4.30 p.m., we retreat for home. The rest of the day comprises eventful gatherings either for leisure activities or assignments. Granted, there have been days that felt like a remote on repeat, but for the most part: there was always something waiting to get unfolded.

It was college that taught me to grow out of my naive shell – a protective layer nurtured by the family, home and luxury. Now, I had left it behind to become a confident (and cynical) person that I had always hoped to be. While I admit to having spent some of my days in groans and remembrance of home, I have never regretted the path I chose to pave for myself.

I have sat through riveting hours of Social Change Communication classes, discussed nuances of films with interested minds and learnt how to organise my thoughts like my schedule. Between the good weather and better memories, SCMC has surpassed any book-bound ideas I may have had, but it remains my primary motivator and teacher. My brain has now been prodded about, processed, and chiseled to absorb the variety in content I crash into on a daily basis – only to have it reflect in every assignment!

College executed the extraordinary task of opening up possibilities to me. I was taught to work within deadlines, laugh with friends and create ideas I didn’t know I had the potential for. I guess the best experience I had in college can’t just be tied down to one thing: it was all about the heartwarming journey that unfolded every day.

Article by: Shamani Joshi (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Nayanika Mukherjee (Batch of 2019)