Understanding Colours with Dr. Ankit Jain


The students of Batch 2023 at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Ankit Jain, Assistant Professor and HOD (Suryadatta Group of Institutes). A dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated mentor and award-winning professional, Dr. Jain brought to the students a highly interactive and captivating session on Colours, Colour Profiles and Application. With years of teaching and production experience coupled with a unique educational background, he enlightened students on how to accurately understand colour profiles and use them well to ensure that the photographs they take and subsequently print do not deteriorate in terms of quality.

The session began with Dr. Ankit Jain presenting a highly-informative presentation on colours and colour usage. Starting from the very basics, he explained to students what colours are and how they vary on screen and on paper. Using colourful graphs specially curated to explain these concepts, sir also gave valuable tips and suggestions to aspiring photographers and graphic editors on the usage of right colour theories so that their quality remains intact even when they’re being put up on billboards and signs. He also compared the colour profiles of DCI-P3, SRGB, Adobe RGB and Pro-Photo RGB and even gave a hands-on demonstration of the same on Adobe Photoshop on the spot.

Dr. Jain also taught students how to use 250 shades of colour using the RGB Colour Wheel. He helped everyone catch up with how these 256 colour shades can be used well to colour grade and edit photographs. Using extremely informative and easy-to-understand presentations, sir explained how to use the Digital Hue Wheel, its formulation and the role of primary and secondary colours in the Digital Hue Wheel. At the end of each presentation, sir patiently answered each and every query presented by the students and their will to become better photographers and image editors. The session ended on a positive note, with Dr. Ankit Jain congratulating students for being such active participants and wishing them all the best for their future endeavours.


Maansi Anand
(Batch 2023)

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