Towards a Sustainable Media with Mr. Sangole


On June 24, 2021, Mr. Chetankumar Sangole, the head of sustainability at  Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture gave a lift to our third-year media students folding in sustainability with their professional skills. Although the majority of his talk was technical, we could see how the intricacies of environmental science are linked with day-to-day affairs. “Man is the most powerful animal on earth and so it becomes their responsibility to take care of it”, he said when explaining why sustainability is required.

His talk revolved around the three aspects of sustainable development: economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusiveness; they need to be balanced to get the optimum results. “As humans, we all add value and gain value”, Mr Sangole said.

According to him, there are a lot of seemingly harmless humanly activities that are in fact highly counterproductive. He says that sustainability isn’t entirely industrial and on a personal level, is the core to balance work, private and spiritual life. This balance is the ultimate key to our happiness.

“Sustainability isn’t are specific, we all as humans must practice is and it should be especially enforced in the vulnerable nations,” he says while explaining how sustainability is targetted. As he wrapped up, he went through the seventeen goals of sustainable development prescribed by the United Nations.

He said that only an individual can bring a change in themselves, any external help does little benefit. Mr Sangole hopes that the coming generation produces sustainable leaders who combine growth and happiness in the most efficient way possible.

Esha Sharma
(Batch 2023)

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