Nikhil Kujur, a second year mass communication student a SCMC was in McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh this April for his internship with Tibet Post International when he clicked this picture. On being asked about it, he said:

“It was a lousy weekend and a perfect day to catch up on some rest. I had spent most of the day relaxing in my hotel room. Little did I know that it was the breath before the plunge. As the sun started setting, it kept getting gloomier in the mountains. It was around seven when the old windows in my hotel room started rattling. Thunder echoed in my quiet room and I could hear drizzles outside. It all seemed quite scary but I felt it was a perfect opportunity to capture the majestic, northern sky. I hurried up to the hotel terrace in my shorts with my camera.

“It was chilly outside and there were strong winds. I was in the middle of shooting when my blood ran cold watching the lightening strike right above me. The loud thunderstorms made me jump out of my skin. I crouched for a while with my hand still holding the camera midair. But, when I finally got up to see the photograph, I forgot just as how petrified I was and it all felt absolutely worthwhile. This is definitely one of my treasured experiences that will always remind me to take risks once in a while and to believe in myself.”

Nikhil loves exploring extreme sports and aspires to make it big through covering photography and videography of such events.

Anushka Ghadigaonkar
(Batch 2021)