The World of Corporate Communication by Joe Pan


‘You are only as good as your last campaign.’

This is how the guest session with Mr. Joe Pan on ‘Multimedia Corporate Communications’ began. The session covered aspects of corporate communications and went into depth about how marketing is the most important tool for any organization’s growth. Mr. Pan gave us insight on scripting, types of communications, how to bring balance between information and impression, and the battles of creative distress in the industry.

Mr. Joe Pan is the founder and CEO of Pansworld Television (India) Pvt Ltd. and is known for his inspiring background in the advertising industry. Being a writer and director, he has a strong hold on the visual aspects of filmmaking. Mr. Pan has delivered some award-winning corporate films to companies like Larsen and Toubro (L&T) and Indian Oil. His interest in the filmmaking business brought him to the understanding that there is a lack of clarity and conviction, which disables a film from getting through to the emotional side of the viewers. Identifying this gap, Pansworld today creates videos that touch upon the emotional aspects of the audience and try to leave an imprint in their minds.

During the session, he unfolded the many layers of corporate communications by taking the audience through each facet in detail. From the types of marketing communications and development of business strategies to the importance of internal communication and management of public relations and government affairs, Mr. Pan imparted his knowledge with examples and video samples for the students’ understanding. Going deeper into the categories of corporate videos one can make like CSR Films, Product films and Brand films, he also imparted tips on interesting techniques that can be implemented to create the final vision.

His last few insights were brought forward to understand the difference between amateur and professional videos and how one can fashion an effective corporate film if they follow the five steps of filmmaking- scripting, direction, filming, and editing and finalising. He emphasized that the script needs to be the strongest, as it is known to be the blueprint of the film. The lecture ended with the vision of how corporate videos need to have a self-praising narrative, and the visuals are the most important communication tool for a successful, impacting and informative campaign.

Siddhi Jain
(Batch 2022)