Come what may, I have to give my 100% so that tomorrow no one can come up to me and say that I didn’t try my best

The first semester at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication was definitely a new experience altogether. It was all so unique and different and in the most amazing way possible. One completely different aspect of my first semester was the remedial programme that I had to attend at the end of the semester because my Media Content Review (MCR) test average was below the required percentage. This was something I hadn’t anticipated.
Watching all the other students of my batch prepare for their internships, watching my friends, with whom I was for the entire semester telling me about their internship experiences, didn’t feel very good. I was happy that they were getting to experience all of that, but at the same time, it made me feel incompetent. When I saw my roommate get ready for her internship every morning, and at the same time saw myself put on the same uniform for college, I got a feeling of incompetence that was unparalleled even by all the happy moments of the entire semester combined. The first week was the worst. Frustration, annoyance and anger had completely conquered my mind and I just couldn’t get to terms with the fact that I didn’t qualify for the internship. I stopped talking to everyone and took to my own company.
Fortunately, one afternoon a small voice at the back of my head started recalling all the things I had done in the first semester. Turned out, I didn’t give my 100% in anything. I really liked doing photography before I came to Pune. But once I came here, I stopped giving it time. I didn’t devote proper time to studying or anything else for that matter either. What was I really doing then? This definitely wasn’t what I came here for. I fought with my parents to come to the best college in the country; was this how I was going to utilize my time here? No.
That’s when I gathered all of the pieces of my shattered confidence and decided to make the most out of what this esteemed institution had to offer.
I have already planned out the coming semester and have set my priorities straight. Come what may, I have to give my 100% so that tomorrow no one can come up to me and say that I didn’t try my best. I know that I missed out on a golden opportunity by not scoring this internship but the remedial lectures have made me realise the value of being here at SCMC and I think they were worth it. It has definitely given me a reason to start afresh and has also made me feel positively about my talents. I am looking forward to the coming semesters and I feel that I am ready to tackle any situation that comes my way.

Article by: Swati Singh (Batch 2019)
Illustration by: Anwesha Basu (Batch 2019)