The Competitive Advantage of CRM in Media

Customers are the pillars of a successful company. With the rise of the digital era, this holds true more than ever. On September 29, 2021, Mr. Ganesh Chettiar addressed the Communication Management students of Batch 2022, offering insights about the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for any business.

With almost 14 years of experience in sales and marketing, Mr. Chettiar has gained immense exposure across various media properties. Having worked for 11 years with the country’s biggest media organisation, the Times group; he is presently working with Lexicon Media in Pune. Mr. Chettiar has also completed an Executive Management Program from IIM, Ahmedabad.

Mr. Chettiar began the lecture by sharing his experiences of managing customer relationships in the media sector. By narrating a personal experience, he highlighted the change that CRM can bring about to a situation. “Every company has an objective of having a proper customer base, which CRM provides assistance with,” Mr. Chettiar rightly stated. Earlier, there used to be a price disparity across cities which posed a problem for the company he was working for. With CRM, the company was able to maintain a single rate strategy, enabling smoother operations and improved customer relations.

The lecture involved understanding the various advantages CRM has to offer in terms of benefits to a firm.  Mr. Chettiar elaborated on how CRM helps us comprehend market conditions; and, as a result, contributes to future strategy development.

The session progressed with an interactive Q&A session which discussed several benefits of practising CRM, including its role in client monitoring and understanding client-spending patterns. Mr. Chettiar emphasised, “Customer retention is very important.” In conclusion, he stated that since,, “CRM is an investment of cost and time,” it should be done in a systematic way and the benefits will appear over time.

Owing to his extensive experience and expertise, Mr. Ganesh Chettiar provided students with a quick window into the workings of CRM in the media industry. The session was extremely informative, and the students were left wanting to learn more about the processes associated with CRM.

Siddhi Shaha
(Batch 2022)