Teaching with a Passion: Vasudha Chatterjee Joins Teach for India Fellowship


Everyone has an ambition and vision for a future that we want for ourselves and everyone. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you have accomplished something that is both, your passion, and which contributes to the betterment of society. Vasudha Chatterjee, our third-year student, has taken this step as she joins the Teach for India Fellowship, as the cohort of 2021.

The Teach for India Fellowship is prestigious, and is awarded to a select few that apply for it. Teach for India is a non-profit organisation that is part of the “Teach for All” global initiative, where each country has their own branch. Their mission is to ensure that all children obtain an education and to eliminate the inequity of educational opportunities offered. As a Teach for India fellow, Vasudha will be working in a government school or low-income private school in Delhi, which is one out of the seven working centres of Teach for India. Here, she will be teaching underprivileged children, conducting workshops, community tours, and interacting with children and their parents. 

Vasudha learnt of the fellowship on her first day of college at SCMC, and has looked forward to it ever since. Teaching has been her passion for the longest time, since childhood. Vasudha’s mother teaches in a government school and her father worked in a rural development NGO. She also believes that her teachers have been important figures in her life, and have strongly influenced who she is today. Vasudha mentioned that she has “always wanted to be a teacher, so this fellowship is really very important” as she “wants to create the same impact that other teachers made” for her.

This isn’t Vasudha’s first time teaching. She was actively involved at the Center for Education and Health Research Organisation (CEHRO), in Delhi. When asked about her experiences, Vasudha said that it allowed her to interact with people from different backgrounds, which opened her eyes to the hardships that every child and their families face. She noticed that “class difference is stark in our society, and grows with every passing day.” As she embarks on her teaching journey at Teach for India, Vasudha aims to help ease the hardships children come across, by creating a “safe space where they get to truly be themselves.” She also wants children to know that “there is still hope left” towards a brighter future.

Vasudha is a true example of the quote ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world.’ She feels that “Teaching is the most effective and beautiful way to make the change in society” and that “understanding others shapes us into sensible and sensitive human beings.” Vasudha will join Teach for India’s introductory teaching program before beginning her teaching responsibilities. SCMC is proud to have a student who strives to achieve her own dream, while helping little children achieve dreams of their own.

All the best, Vasudha!


Siya Ragade
(Batch 2023)

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