A Tale of Two Liberations

FILM REVIEW: The world is round and its societal norms, twisted. Individuals belonging to the LGBT community are viewed by the society in a rather eccentric fashion. “Out” by Krysanne Martis is a film that explores the stories of two young women, how they revealed their “queer” gender identities before a society that is strongly barricaded against the idea of homosexual relationships.

Krysanne Martis conceptualized the story of “Out” in her 11th grade. She described her original idea as an ‘average’ story that she was able to whittle down to the parts that mattered the most, a single conversational scene that throws light onto the life of a queer person in this society. “Out” is a story that conveys the mental liberation experienced by individuals when they strive to come out of the closet, along with the various struggles and obstacles they find in their way. It’s a cry for acceptance, a request to the society to open up their hearts and minds.

Shreya Chowdhary
(Batch 2021)