In a marvellous feat for Batch 2023, teammates Yeshi Shah and Divyashree L stole the show and won hearts, as they won the table tennis event in the women’s doubles category with flying colours.

Three matches were conducted as the participants of Batches 2022, 2023, and 2024 battled it out and gave their best to beat the heat. The first match took place between Priyanka Balya and Tarishi Singhal of Batch 2024 and Yeshi Shah and Divyashree L of Batch 2023. Batch 2023 handed a defeat to the first years by winning two consecutive sets with a score of 21- 12 and 21- 18. The star players Divyashree and Yeshi made sure to guide their juniors, as Batch 2024 lost the second set in an intense battle with both teams going neck-to-neck.

The second match was a relatively simple affair, which took place between the players from Batch 2024 and Devika Mulye and Nehal Jajodia of batch 2022. Batch 2022 had the upper hand, with a slow start for Batch 2024. However, the experience of Batch 2022 was something to reckon with, as Batch 2024 lost another game to their seniors, with the former defeating them in straight sets, the scoreboard being 21- 15 and 21-18, respectively.

The much-awaited third match between the senior batches, i.e., the Batches of 2023 and 2022, was a nail-biting event, with Batch 2022 battling it out with their juniors. Things turned intense towards the end. Batch 2023, initially leading the match, saw a minor setback midway. However, the players kept their calm and almost made it seem like a cakewalk, as they won both sets with a very thin margin as the first set came to due, the scores being 22-20, and the scores for the second set were 20-18.

Thus, came the winning moment for the #tayyar batch as they were triumphant in proving their readiness to the audience. Yeshi and Divya said, “It was a good game, as we were playing against our seniors and expected it to be a close match. Playing a calm game always helps one win the game rather than rushing things. The coordination between both of us is what helped us win the game. So, keep calm and do the kaam!”

Pooja Bhatia
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)