Studying at SCMC, Pune as an International Student

Being surrounded by like-minded people with high calibre is a blessing and an incredibly rewarding experience.

For an international student, the key reasons to studying in India range from learning foreign languages to exposure to a diverse and incredible culture. But the most attractive was joining the best mass communication college in India. Why? The list is endless but I shall focus on my unique experience of being a Japanese student here.

All my education had been in Japanese till twelfth grade and although I had passed the IELT test with band 7, I must admit that it was a challenge to study in Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication because of its level of education.

Fortunately, the atmosphere in SCMC was very supportive. I enjoyed the company of students from not only the various Indian states but also abroad. The college focuses on group projects and activities that make us work together and create something different. Though the field is the same – Media, there still exist four distinct specialisations namely – Advertising, Journalism, Audio-Visual Production and Public Relations. Being surrounded with like-minded people with high calibre is a blessing and an incredibly rewarding experience.

At SCMC, you are guided through a very systematic credit-based evaluation process. You get to understand your strengths and develop skills that will be applicable both in placements and higher studies.

The harder you work, the better you score and the more you attend classes, the better your assignment submissions will be. Thus, it is not just your English that is rewarded but also your skills, creativity, and the whole process of preparation for the media industry. All our projects made us more aware of our abilities prepared us to join the industry.

However, what really bothered me during all these semesters were the deadlines for each task. With the busy schedule, you cannot do justice to the creative assignments or projects. But as I worked for my industry internships, I realized the preparation we were undergoing. After all, I must make efforts to balance the creative drive and deadlines.

There is no doubt in my mind that SCMC is one of the best destinations to study abroad. It may take an additional year to study English for a Japanese student, but Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication makes it worthwhile.

Article by: Maya Nagasawa (Batch of 2018)

Sketch by: Maya Nagasawa (Batch of 2018)