Student co-creates an ‘Enterprise’ program

Panchsheel Gaikwad, a third-year student specialising in audio-visual production, is a part of the ambitious team that has set up the Enterprise fellowship in Pune. Part of a handpicked team of co-creators, he has been a part of the program for several months now.

“Enterprise is a fellowship programme that invests in undergraduate students who want to learn, not by confining themselves in classrooms but by working out on the field. It strives to build a culture of learning by doing and provides a real life start-up experience. Their vision matches a lot with my personal views and opinions about learning,” said Gaikwad, who produces video content.

He met Aditya Jhunjhunwala (a co-founder of Enterprise) after he completed school, and have been a co-creator since the inception of Enterprise last year.

His work includes shooting and editing videos along with overall assistance in marketing department.The first video that Gaikwad shot was in July 2018 of Jhunjhunwala, who is also an IIM Ahmedabad graduate. In this video, Aditya explains the core concept behind the structure of the programme.

Another video was a compilation of every student’s experience at the fellowship where students talked about their learnings in the course of the program. Enterprise later conducted the ‘Catapult Festival’ at the Symbiosis Ground—an event executed by a team of 19 students with just a week of planning.

Gaikwad juggles his work at the fellowship alongside college lectures, assignments and personal shooting projects.

Srishti Patnaik (Batch 2019)