You only learn how to live when you step out of your comfort zone

Ever since 11th Grade, coming to Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication had been my dream. It is a name that resonates with excellence and I’d heard a lot about it at my high school. And once I was here, I realized why.

I had to drop dancing as an extracurricular activity in high school as my parents wanted me to focus on academics. But when I joined SCMC, I realized that I could participate in cultural events whilst doing justice to my classes. I attended almost all Dance Club sessions and apart from taking part in SCMC’s cultural fest, Vaividhya, I got a chance to represent the college at several inter-college fests as well. These opportunities included Malhaar, at St. Xavier’s, Mumbai; DZMA and Sympulse at Pune. My performances were much appreciated and won me prizes. I cannot thank SCMC enough for giving me the opportunity and the platform to dance!

When I started my 3rd year at college, I was elected as the Dance Club Head of SCMC. Even though I had always wanted to be one, never did I think that it would be possible. After getting elected, I got to choreograph several dances for several teams – our batch group dance, competitive dances with some selected dancers of college and even for Asia’s largest cultural event, Mood Indigo.

Coming to SCMC has helped me re-live my passion for dancing and has proved that it is equally necessary to give some time to our personal interests while managing the daily busy schedules.

In the 3rd year now, I can see the change in myself. I used to be lazy, clumsy and messy but now, am responsible for an entire team of passionate dancers. You only learn how to live when you step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me take care of various situations and learn to survive in this competitive world. Pune has turned out to be a second home that I don’t feel like leaving anymore.

Article by: Devi Prakash (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Kashmira Jagdish Patil (Batch of 2018)