Sports : My Highlight in the Lockdown


Sports has always been an integral part of my life. It has played an instrumental role in imbibing the qualities of grit, determination and perseverance and it has been my greatest teacher. It has fired up my heart at all times and has taught me countless life lessons. I have been an ardent sports lover since my childhood and my fervent passion and love for the sport has driven me to become an aspiring sports journalist. Also being a sports coordinator of my college, I have been entrusted with the responsibilities of organizing several sports events and promote the sports culture in our college, so naturally sports has played a pivotal role in my life in shaping me as a human being.

Started a podcast series named “Cricket Unabridged with Sayanta”

As the world was grappled with a deadly virus known as Covid:19, sports was brought to a screeching halt in the initial parts of 2020, during the lockdown phase. As no live sports were taking place, the concept of podcasts, videocasts and sports through online platforms gained heavy momentum and people started producing content online sitting back at home. Since I am a die-hard cricket enthusiast and also the captain of Batch 2022 of SCMC and a part of the college cricket team, I decided on starting a YouTube channel, where I would be starting a cricket podcast. Cricket Unabridged with Sayanta was the name I gave to my podcast series which would revolve only around cricket. In my podcast I took interviews of many talented cricketers and cricket fanatics I had come across in my life and also provided them a platform to showcase their cricketing knowledge and also their cricket achievements. Ranging from our college cricket team captain to the volleyball captain of SSSS who is an MBA graduate in the sports management field, my guests came from various backgrounds. In total I recorded and uploaded 8 episodes and I fairly got a positive response from everyone. I also wanted to bring in a little bit of versatility in my channel and I uploaded a couple of “3 reasons why” videos. The first video was 3 reasons why Virat Kohli is the best in the world” and my other video was “3 reasons why KKR are the best in the IPL”. My channel revolved around these videos and it certainly made me brim with confidence in pursuing my passion with utmost grit and determination.

Link to my channel:

Started a videocast series called “Through the Covers”

During the lockdown I also started another YouTube channel with my fellow batchmate and friend Atharva Agashe. We started a videocast series called Through the Covers where we discussed different IPL teams’ strategy during all the IPLs and also their team culture and achievements. We also included fun elements like rapid-fire rounds in our channel to make our content funnier and lighter.

Link to our channel:

Starting a sports media page called SporTank

The biggest highlight of my lockdown was starting my own sports media page on 3 platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our sports media page’s name is SporTank and I started the page with some of my batchmates. We have a good team working and we mainly focus on covering conventional sports in an unconventional manner. Another important part of the vision of our page is that we want to provide a platform to all the unheard voices of sportspersons and all the unrecognized athletes from different sports who deserve immense recognition for their sporting abilities and laurels. This is the reason why we started two original series of our page called SporTank specials and SporTank Originals which solely focusses on bringing the unrecognized talented sportspersons to the limelight.

Link to the Instagram Page:

Overall, the lockdown has been a very productive time for me and has made me believe and put faith in my abilities in carrying out and executing various tasks. I want to make a difference in the sports industry of our country and the only way I can do it, is if I have sufficient experience and skill-set. And I feel, the lockdown was a perfect head start for me.


Sayanta Sengupta
(Batch 022)


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