Snippets from the future


in a move no one saw coming

the world suddenly came to a halt

so did all our plans- we’d thought

a new journey awaits us

it’s finally time to escape home

and everything rotten that comes with it

the world, however, chose to come to a halt

and with it, so did our plans.


what good can come of it?

what’s the point of college when you can’t visit your campus?

what’s the point of learning when education comes in the form of PPTs and lectures

that leave you exhausted- what are you expected to learn?

“The thing with your generation, you see”

everyone’s statements begin this way, and this time

the world really placed us on the edge of the earth

told us- life begins here, go ahead

this is what the future is supposed to look like.


there are two sides of every coin, as we’d been told

so we thought- let’s pick up where we left off

begin from the lonely and find our crowd

even if it took a lot to sit through hours and hours of lectures

we found our solace

in birthdays celebrated online

in movie marathons ‘for the sake of AV assignments’

on virtual calls with that one friend across seven seas

where we poured our hearts out about those closer to home who chose to hurt us

making our twitter feeds our personal diaries and ‘so true bestie-ing’ our way through college

where our field trips happen on google docs on examination days

we found our solace

in trying to understand marking schemes

in finding others like us who know home can be tough sometimes

in special cases, actually meeting up with these people who are supposed to be

the best memories of our lives

so we began from the lonely and found our crowd

a group of such different, such alike people

who sit on video calls scrolling mindlessly on their phones

sharing comfortable silences

we found our solace

in seniors who adopted us the moment we set foot in college

invited us to their game nights and nostalgic evenings

completely eliminating the concept of different batches

and simply accepting us as their own

the thing with our generation, you see

we begin from the lonely and end up with our crowd.


this onscreen anniversary, we remain on the edge of the earth

our worlds, still at a halt

but the thing with our generation, you see – we’ve found our happiness

in batch photographs taken in ‘together mode’

and virtual treasure hunts as birthday gifts


these snippets from the future that we tuck away

in polaroids that take up a special spot in our heart

and a tiny note that says,

“Until we meet again.”


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are solely of the author. The platform and the publisher do not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever.

Maansi Anand
(Batch 2023)


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