Simran has 31,000 followers on Insta!

In the day and age of smart-phones and high speed internet, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become our escapade from reality. Scrolling endlessly on these apps is the new recreational routine millennials resort to. But while most of us entertain ourselves on these platforms, there are people for whom Instagram is their holy grail.

A lot of young boys and girls use Instagram as a platform for microblogging where they can not only share their style, thoughts and views with a large audience base, but can also partner with various brands and showcase its products on their feed. To get a better idea about all of this and more, I caught up with Simran Kulkarni, an SCMC student and young and exuberant food & fashion blogger on Instagram. With almost around 31,000 followers Simran has been blogging on Instagram since 4 years focusing mainly on lifestyle, fashion and food. “I started out as a photographer for other food bloggers. I used to click pictures for them and repost it on my account, which was quite well received by everyone. Finally in 2015, I put up my first post as a blogger which was related to fashion.”

Taking us through her journey as blogger, Simran tells us the effort it took from being @thatawkwardgirl to @simran.kulkarni. “Even while shooting for other bloggers, I didn’t have a camera of my own. I used to borrow my friend’s Canon 1200D to shoot.

It has taken me about four years to get where I am and it definitely didn’t happen overnight. There were times when certain concept based shoots that I particularly loved, didn’t do so well with my audience. So it certainly hasn’t been an easy ride!”

Simran describes her fashion to be extremely street and spunky that connects with her viewers. She has done umpteen collaborations with various A-lister brands like Daniel Wellington, The Pavilion Mall and Phoenix Market City, Pune. She has also stared on the cover of Brands& Bloggers Magazine.

She explains how even while doing food photography for her feed, there is a certain style and nuance of doing it, to add that extra element to the photo.

As happening and glamorous, as a blogger’s life looks from the outside with all the free products, umpteen hours of shoots, brainstorming and immense creativity goes unnoticed.

Shubhangi Mishra
Batch 2019