Siddhi Pattnaik: Creating a Buzz with Coco & Brand


Siddhi Pattnaik, a third-year student at SCMC, is the founder of a branding and designing agency – Coco & Brand. Already her work and journey as a young entrepreneur has caught the attention of a bouquet marketing agency “The First Fork,” which recently featured Siddhi in an Instagram post series #TFFBizzBuzz.

While at home attending online lectures due to the coronavirus pandemic, Siddhi had the time to reflect on her true passion and calling in the media industry. She discovered that design, branding, and brand strategy truly intrigued her, and she launched Coco & Brand as her flagship venture. The name “Coco” stems from her love for coffee and chocolate!

A few logo designing projects in her classes at college peaked Siddhi’s interest in brand designing. Subjects such as Design Tools (Photoshop), Branding, and Copywriting broadened her interest in the field. Siddhi used her time during lockdown to familiarize herself with designing softwares, principles, and techniques. It helped that Sidhi already had a good eye for visuals and aesthetics, so she began to implement her learnings in real-life branding projects for small businesses. Siddhi decided to create an identifiable entity for her design work, and took the leap to establish Coco & Brand. Her first project was designing a logo for a production house. Today, Siddhi has 19 clients for whom she has created logos, packaging design, and other creatives.

Siddhi wants to use her skills and work in Coco & Brand to reach, empower, and give a voice to small and unknown businesses. She truly believes that there are many entrepreneurs in India with brilliant and unique ideas who have just started their journey into the business world; and that they deserve to have the same amount of branding support that huge companies do. When asked for her advice on what makes a good design, Siddhi said to “go with how the design makes you feel.” She elaborated by saying that a communicative and aesthetic design can be created by following your “gut feeling.” For example,  a heading located too close to the margin or unaligned can make one feel uncomfortable, and that is one’s inner design sense guiding the process. Siddhi also recommends using image-based social media platforms or websites (Instagram, Pinterest) for design inspiration.

SCMC is proud of Siddhi for taking her learning journey a step further by going beyond the books. We wish Siddhi and Coco & Brand all the best for future projects!

Siddhi’s work with Coco & Brand can be found here: ​​

Siya Ragade
(Batch 2023)

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