Prof. Kamath’s dedication and selflessness left me in admiration and made me inculcate these values

Along the journey, in my eighteen years, I have traversed a plethora of interests, smiled and laughed with several faces, all as a part of my ‘now’ for an unseen tomorrow. Being a part of Symbiosis, is one such ‘now’, shaping my tomorrow.

In these five months, I’ve faced the rough patches, grown whenever and wherever I got some sunshine, stumbled a lot, smiled, reflected and in the end, cherished it all.  Away from a city where my heart lies, I expected a lot of hardships and I wasn’t disappointed; however, I faced them all. But what kept me going was the hope to learn something new each day. Like a cat chasing a ball of wool, I kept running after everything the college gave me.

There were three people who gave me this metaphoric woollen ball in the first semester: the captain of the ship, Prof. Anupam Siddhartha; our history professor, Mr. Sagar Kamath and our aesthetics teacher, Prof. Milinda Natu. Every session and interaction with these incredibly inspiring faculty members, left me in awe and after recovering from it, I would absorb the abundance of knowledge and wisdom that they shared.

Prof. Siddhartha’s wit and humour refreshes me each time, but those few words with a deep meaning urge me to grow. His outlook and approach towards the students and the way he steers this ship with us on board is inspiring. The reality is never sugarcoated for us and I seem to enjoy this more.  Prof. Kamath’s dedication and selflessness left me in admiration and I strive to inculcate these values in myself.  His ever interesting classes and the intriguing and fascinating discussions post class, reinforce my belief that such teachers do exist. Prof. Natu’s grasp on her subject, gives my pondering mind some direction. In a highly creative subject, she answers my questions with the utmost simplicity. Throughout these sessions with them, there is more than just subject knowledge that I take back.

Here at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication I shape myself and not just my tomorrow.


Article by: Ishita Singhal (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Aditya Sinha (Batch of 2019)