The Screening Room 501

The true strength of a classroom lies in the collaboration of minds, not in the knowledge of a single expert

As everyone who had arrived from their respective cities, I, too, was nervously excited to embark on this new journey at SCMC.  

The SCMC portion of the facility is sophisticated with spiral stairs, glass windows and some classrooms are sure to have an impact. For me, it was the screening room 501. It is not only utilised for screening movies but also for lectures.

When I entered the room, I felt like nothing I had ever felt before. Everything was just right and in place; the perfect environment for conclusive learning. The lectures that are conducted in 501 were remarkable as the room provides a space for learning by minimizing distractions.

As the course progressed I started to appreciate 501 more and more, each day. Whether it was while watching the music video of Deewani Mastani in the Aesthetics and Visual Communication class to analyze and applaud the colours, forms and its aesthetic appeal or a documentary on the Mumbai Locals, 501 moulded the experience of it all.

I remember getting goosebumps while watching the end scene of the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’. How can one forget that line? “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Or the concluding line from the movie ‘How Green was My Valley’: “How green was my valley then, and the valley of them that have gone.”

My perception about extrinsic elements of light and colours in cinema and documentaries completely changed, all for the positive in 501.This room was also the place where my intrinsic values matured largely in terms of understanding, acceptance of opinions and finally collocation of all my thoughts and ideas. All in all, SCMC has changed my way of thinking and 501 has been instrumental in this change by serving as an efficient medium.

I’m in my second semester now and out of everything,  I miss the classes in 501 the most.

My seniors had said: “Enjoy the classes in 501; it’s a privilege for first years as it won’t last long.”

They weren’t wrong.

Ivan Coelho (Batch of 2020)
Photo: Vishal Jokare (Staff)