SCMC’s Public Relations batch of 2021 unveils CREATICON ’21


In PR, it’s always GO

[PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, May] Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication’s (SCMC) PR Batch of 2021 is hosting its first-ever PR event “Creaticon”. Scheduled for 29th May 2021, the preliminary rounds will commence on 23rd May 2021. Powered by Media4U in association with PRCI YCC, the event is designed to cover all the major aspects of PR and its application in the real world.

With the theme of ‘Fun-tivities in PR’, Creaticon will have two sections- Competitions and Workshops. With multiple rounds and quirky topics, the competitions are aimed at understanding standard PR procedures (like re-branding and fundraising) through entertaining and creative formats. Here is a list of the events:
1. The Fun – draiser
2. Embed It
3. Creators Rapid Fire
4. Image 180
5. The Great Presscape

The winners will be awarded gift vouchers upon winning respective competitions. The jury for the same will comprise an external set of judges including students, alumni, and faculty members. In order to make the learning experience more knowledgeable, the event will also include interactive workshops by Mx. Supriti Malhotra and Ms. Swetha V. Pillai.

The event details and information will be delivered to all students via mail. Additionally, the same will be available on all the official SCMC Instagram. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn handle. Registrations will open on 16th May 2021, through a google form that will be availableon the mentioned mediums. An individual can register for more than one event.

A major part of Creaticon will take place online on Google Meet. The program will be gracedwith the Director Dr. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan’s address, in the presence of representatives from Media4U, PRCI, faculty, and students of SCMC and other participating colleges. The prize distribution will mark the closing ceremony of the event.

Creaticon is aimed at providing an opportunity for all students from colleges across the country to unleash their PR skills and have a fun learning experience. We look forward to enthusiastic participation from all the batches!


For more information about the events, please take a look at our Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or contact the Executive committee members – Sahinya Sundaresan or Susan Sony on their social accounts.

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