SCMC – What’s Next?

As the Top Mass Communication college in India, their Placement and Internship Cell has always strived to get students their dream job/ internship. This makes me feel at ease as I know I am in trusted and professional hands

I often find myself questioning ‘what’s next?’ After graduation, should I get a job or pursue higher studies? With each option as appealing as the next, it’s daunting to choose one. This is where Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication has been my guiding light.

Throughout the past five semesters, college has been very supportive of my indecisiveness. With five internships (three in the developmental sector and two in the industry) and over seven projects, it has provided me with opportunities to test the ground and solidify my foundations. SCMC has always ensured that I am mentally and emotionally prepared for the best and the worst outcome of every situation.

It opened forth a wide range of career paths by exposing me to a variety of courses like Sociology, Visual Arts, Corporate and Business Studies, Accounting etc. They have made me more aware about the industry in all aspects related to media and the business around it. My degree means much more to me than just a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication).

Even as a final year student, just at the brink of graduating, our professors have guided me immensely in making my career decisions. Confused by the many organisations that I can apply to, they helped me narrow down to my final choices. SCMC’s Placement and Internship Cells have always strived to get students their dream job/ internship. This makes me feel at ease as I know I am in professional hands.

For my fellow batch mates looking at further studies, the professors helped figure out suitable specializations and entrance procedures. With GMAT and GRE training available on campus, it made life easier for the students opting to study abroad.

SCMC has always been there for me, guiding me throughout the past five semesters and it continues to guide me through my last. College life and how it has made me a mature and responsible adult has been an amazing adventure, one that I am glad was at Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune.

Article by – Pragati Prakash Nayak(Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Yash Agarwal (Batch of 2019)