I believe that these people will be ‘my people’ for the rest of my life

Now that I have grabbed your attention why don’t I tell you about how college isn’t just all that you dream of, but better? My journey started about two years ago in this very city, Pune. Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication is the college I chose to be at because of all the various choices it offered but what I didn’t know back then was that it offered much more than academic choices.

When I came here I thought I had an open mind coming from an International school and being raised with exposure to values and cultures from all around the world; this had taught me respect and admiration for everyone I met. But when I came here, I realised how small my world really was.

Being exposed to amazing professors and amazing places after coming here, I believe I have grown much more as a person. Every lecture, every field trip, every study tour and every person I have encountered here – all have helped me see this world in a new way. I’ve learned to respect and admire each person I’ve met here. I’ve encountered people with a similar mind set as I and I believe that these people will be ‘my people’ for the rest of my life.

People often say that college is a beautiful journey. Darn right it is but it’s also very challenging and complicated. It is like a see-saw; unless you know how to balance properly you won’t have fun. College isn’t just about assignments and studying but it’s also not just about parties and get-togethers. These have to be mixed in the right quantities to be enjoyed.

My favourite experience in college would perhaps be the time we all went to Hyderabad for a study tour. The best thing about it was the fact that I got to travel in a train after years. It was refreshing and fun and the whole time during the journey I couldn’t stop gazing out the window. We visited Ramoji Film City and a lot of other wonderful places like a car museum. The whole experience was enriching especially since I got to experience this with my batch mates. ‘Team spirit’ and ‘unity’ didn’t mean much to me before, but I guess I’ve learned the meaning of these terms through what I’ve seen with our batch in the past two years.

Like I said, this college has offered me much more than just academic choices.


Article by: Niharika Verma (Batch 2018)

Photograph by: Panchsheel Gaikwad (Batch 2019)