I make sure that every single day builds up to something bigger


The word immediately evokes the feeling of a show on a chilly evening, finger tips greasy with buttered popcorn. Way before I joined a mass communication college, I was told that cinema is a recorded art. And like any good student, I nodded, saying ‘Yes. That is true.’ But when I joined Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication in 2016, it promised to make me believe what I had simply agreed to. For the first time, I wasn’t a passive observer who saw the parade pass by.

SCMC has changed me in more ways than I can count. I was never more exposed to so many opportunities before. But apart from viewing opportunities, this college also gave me the confidence to take them up so I could savor the taste of accomplishment. One thing that I can say for sure is that if I didn’t decide to join SCMC, I would be the kind of student who looks forward to a vacation after every exam.

Allow me to explain. We are supposed to work on projects during our semesters and take up internships when they end. Had I not joined SCMC, I would have mostly spent those days binge-watching TV series. But now that I have completed three internships in the development sector, I know for sure that I would not let any long holiday simply go by. I have started appreciating the work that I do every day, and I make sure to get something productive done daily. I watch classic movies, read novels by authors who I never would have picked before, or work on projects to enhance my skills. Basically, I make sure that every single day builds up to something bigger.

Productivity is a powerful wind of change to build strength for many more challenges to come. I know for sure that whatever knowledge it imparts, shall come useful.

Article by: Zubiya Athavani (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Pranav Saji Krishnan (Batch of 2019)