SCMC Girls Cook Up a Deal-icious Storm

Guneet Kaur Bedi and Raunak Daswani, two third-year students from SCMC have taken it upon them to satisfy the hunger pangs of students by cooking delicious meals and savory foods for the students in and around the Symbiosis Viman Nagar campus in Pune.

“Cooking for me is relaxing, engaging”, says Guneet Kaur who learned the art of cooking from her father. “I felt that the people around me need homemade food. It struck me that through the food that I cook for my family, the students here can be reminded of their homes.” added Guneet. She beautifully balances college and catering, by working on the orders she receives the night before. She had partnered up with a fellow student Malvika Sharma, who helps her out with larger party orders. Guneet and Malvika call their kitchen as ‘Sizzle – Home, Hearth and Heart’, which provides homemade food for students right from delicious parathas to pastas.  Malvika now works independently.

“I used to bake irregularly for my family, but whenever I did I used to give it to my friends…it got to a point where people started to tell me to start this professionally”, says Raunak Daswani.

She started her enterprise, ‘Raunak’s Rachet Kitchen’ after lots of encouragement from her mother. “It’s really overwhelming to see people believe in my cooking. The response has been amazing with random texts and lots of orders.” added Raunak. She provides customers with a variety of bakery products like cakes, brownies and cookies.

Vishab Thappa
Batch 2019