A huge part of the credit goes to my forever sleep deprived and overworked super seniors

I was terrified when I found out that both my roommates in a triple sharing hostel room were my super seniors from college. It was not entirely my fault as cases of bullying frequently made newspaper headlines. But little did I know that by the end of the same year, I would be hugging them goodbye with teary eyes.

I never felt any divide or ego conflict between the senior and junior batches, which my friends in other colleges talked about so profoundly. My seniors bought medicines for me at 4 am when I couldn’t stop throwing up, guided and motivated me when I felt that I would never pass the Media Content Review tests, and made me realize my mistakes when I was wrong.

Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication is not just an educational institution but a huge family. I was a clueless kid who joined a mass communication college because she was dazzled by the glamour of the media industry without any clue of what she wanted to do in it. But within a year, I was able to find a home in a new city, was confident about the specialisation I wanted to pursue, and, most importantly, discovered aspects of my personality I never knew existed. And a huge part of the credit goes to my forever sleep-deprived and over-worked super seniors.

The clubs organized by them gave me the best chances to learn and make life-long friendships. In my favourite one, the Advertising Club, we watched the best advertisements together, listened to their industry internship experiences and took part in thoughtful debates. During cultural events like Vaividhya, never ending overnight practices with coffee breaks, gave way to heartfelt conversations. We competed with seniors during the annual sports event, shared the dance floor in parties and felt emotional when they walked gracefully in their farewell sarees. A covalent bond is said to be one of the strongest bonds between two atoms. For me, there were multiple.

Today I feel proud when I see an update of a new job position on their Facebook profiles, and they get delighted when I get a book as appreciation for scoring the highest in a course. I smile when I watch their mini adventures tightly packed between their nine to five schedules on Instagram stories, and they get emotional when they see me living the same memories that they once made.

Article by: Noreen Shah (Batch of 2019)

Illustration by: Noreen Shah (Batch of 2019)