The Relevance of Radio in the 21st Century


13th February is marked as World Radio Day, in recognition of the importance of Radio as part of humanity’s history. On this day, the Pune Chapter of the Broadcast Engineering Society, in association with the Akashvani Pune Parivar, had organized a Virtual Open House. Students from all over India were invited to express their thoughts on the topic: “How and Why is Radio Relevant Today?”

Invites were sent to colleges, and I was chosen to be amongst the contingent from SCMC.

The day before the event, me and my fellow speakers from the 2021 batch, Parvathi Sajiv Kumar and Shashank B., discussed the various speaking points we had prepared. Their suggestions for my speech proved to be of invaluable help during the event.

As speakers, we were allocated a short window to clearly put forth our views. The event was moderated by Mridula Ghodke, and the jury panel consisted of Indian Radio veterans like Yunus Khan of Vividh Bharati and Ashish Bhatnagar. In my speech, which secured the 2nd Position in the event, I spoke about the need for Radio to embrace the tools provided by the internet and become more proactive in establishing a listener base. Keeping in mind the nearly all-encompassing reach of Radio and its universal appeal, I suggested avenues that can help the Indian Radio sector to break-free of its ‘music-only’ constraints; like digital streaming, news segments, and Community Radio.

These few lines, borrowed from my speech, can perhaps best sum up my thoughts on the Relevance of Radio in the 21st Century:

We have to keep in mind its scope

Adapt innovative ideas

And once every now and then

Just sit back and indulge in the art of storytelling, that is radio.

Abhinav Singh

Batch of 2021

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