Rekindling My Love For Design At SCMC

Before I started studying here at SCMC, I always looked at artwork from a spectator’s point of view

Before my first semester started, I noticed a course in our syllabus called “Introduction to Aesthetics and Visual Communication”. Being a person who is interested in art and design, I was looking forward to this course, but little did I imagine that I would fall in love with the subject and the professor so much that I would cry inconsolably in our last class.

From day one, my perception of art and design radically changed for the better. Before I started studying here at SCMC, I always looked at all artwork from a spectator’s point of view. This class taught me to look from the creator’s perspective: how and why was the piece created, what are the themes behind it, speculation on influences, etc.

Art is one in which no topic/question is off limits or taboo—and the same applied to our class. Such open discussions taught me one thing: absolutely everything can be looked at objectively, and the more objective our viewpoint is, the more the scope for creativity around it.

One very important thing that further endeared me towards this class, was the assignments we received, where I learned to channel my casual love for illustrations into a particular direction. This was the first time I used my creative energy to fulfill a purpose. Since we also learned design principles like light, texture, balance, rhythm, contrast, their application vastly improved my creative output.

Before I joined Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication, I was very unsure of my artistic capabilities; however, when two of my assignments were shown in front of the whole class, it was hugely encouraging and helped build my confidence. With every lecture, I got pulled into this creative world again and again and somewhere along the way, a deep love for it emerged within. At the start of the semester, I never would’ve imagined that for our final Jury Assignment, my partner and I would create a product and supplementary creatives for a fictitious launch event! The assignment was to be submitted at the end of a very hectic final week, but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, right from conceptualization to the point where it came to life on paper.  

It has just been one semester in one of the top mass communication colleges. Here’s looking forward to five more, filled with more journeys of learning, of art and of self-discovery.

Dharshanya Ramanan (Batch 2020)
Illustration: Dharshanya Ramanan (Batch 2020)