Reality Check: What does the Industry need?


With crippling economic conditions in this pandemic and close to no social contact, everything from college sessions to internships, is happening in the digital space. In these changing times, when most students are troubled about their future opportunities, Ashwin Lawanghare, an alumnus of SCMC, joined the Batch of 2022 for a guest lecture on the 29 th and the Communication Management batch as well for another session on the 30 th of September.

Currently the head of the Branding and Advertising department at Master My Life EQ Education, Ashwin Lawanghare decided to have an interactive session on the first day with the entire batch on a subject that would help everyone, regardless of the field they are pursuing; Behavioural Intelligence. He defined it as a refreshing lens which would allow students to understand relationships and deal with people efficiently.

The major focus of the session was on understanding the basics of DISC (a system of 4 behaviour types – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Each person is a combination of all 4 types in varying percentages) and its benefits. Students were instructed to take a quiz prior to the session to help them identify their dominant behaviour type. This allowed them to understand themselves and others much better as Mr. Ashwin proceeded to explain the different behavioural types in detail. Further, he taught them how none of the types are good or bad, and spoke of the pros and cons of each.

The session taught students the importance of understanding different perspectives and motivations therefore communicating efficiently to reduce conflicts in relationships, both personal and professional. He stressed immensely on the importance of teamwork, people management and building relationships in the industry. The session wasn’t only interactive but also entertaining and helpful with polls and video clips along with the presentation that Ashwin had prepared.

The 2-hour long session was concluded with questions from students which were answered by Ashwin Lawanghare in-depth taking into account the students’ personal situations and making sure to actually benefit them with his own learnings.

On the 30 th of September, Ashwin Lawanghare took a session with the Communication Management students of Batch’ 22. It composed of Q&A session with Mr. Lawanghare helping students understand the demands of the media industry.

He also explained the competitive and dynamic nature of the industry, talking about skills that students would have to consciously develop to set themselves apart. One of the most important characteristics according to him being, attitude and temperament.  Stressing on the importance of industry internships, he brought forth his own college days as he talked about juggling college work and internships. He questioned the students about the same, trying to understand the current situation and common issues.  He reminded everyone of their own worth, as students of Symbiosis and walked them through the key points to remember while applying and taking an internship. He shared his own experience as an SCMC alumnus working in the field and gave valuable lessons to keep in mind.

Both the sessions provided a healthy reality check and put things into perspective. Students left
having learned significant lessons that would definitely help them in their careers and life.

Rupali Tripathy
(Batch 2022)

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