This college actually functions like a mini-industry in itself

My last day as the Internship Coordinator was perhaps the most memorable day at SCMC. I had successfully coordinated internships for my whole class at NGO’s nationally and internationally. Being an introvert all my life, talking to people was never my forte, but something had changed. I realized that I had reached out, negotiated and convinced people from so many different organizations.

I remember, initially, Professor Anupam Siddhartha had told us that we were going to be trained as if we were already working in the industry, and this statement stood true. Not only did I have to communicate, I also had to compile, edit and arrange a huge data base of all the requested organizations and students details. The faculty was always ready to help; I remember having meetings with Ms. Snehal Galande, regarding the progress of this project. I also remember taking signatures from different authorities and delivering official applications on behalf of the college to the prospective organizations. All of this made me feel that I had matured immensely.

While working as the coordinator, I was also given the responsibility of handling the ‘NGO Cell’ which required me to efficiently handle official e-mail addresses. Even though it wasn’t easy, the reason this whole experience means a lot to me is that it has made me believe that I can actually handle important tasks. I am sure this feeling will continue to encourage me.

This is just one of the several opportunities that this ‘mini industry’ offers. Yes! This college actually functions like a mini-industry in itself. As a student of SCMC, I feel extremely well equipped when it comes to interacting with authorities, and this wouldn’t have been the case if the college ‘spoon-fed’ us with theoretical knowledge alone. In fact the college provided the necessary infrastructure along with training for us to become our own assets rather than being dependant on the organization. It tests the capabilities and knowledge that we have acquired and helps us develop our skill sets. As my second year in this college is about to end, I am sure I will always be indebted to this institution for making me a professional who will leave this college in order to find his place in the media industry, someday soon.


Article by: Delzad Hiwale (Batch 2018)

Illustration by: Anwesha Basu (Batch 2019)