I have met people from so many different walks of life, experienced insecurity and heartbreak, and felt myself grow as a person.

When I came to Pune with my bag full of dreams, I was unsure of what was to come in my stride. I thought that I knew myself inside out, but after coming here, I realized how wrong I was. Today, as I write, I realize that becoming more expressive of my emotions and becoming an ambivert is what has been the highlight of my first semester in SCMC. It all began with the first class, with Prof. Triveni Mathur. Her positivity, spirit and enthusiasm made me speak out a lot more than I naturally would. I usually didn’t speak a lot in my school, let alone in front of seventy strangers.

As time passed, I came out of my shell, and expressed my opinions without fear of judgment. I think it was the accepting atmosphere of the classes, which helped. Be it Ashish sir’s ten-minute rapid fire sessions, or Urmila ma’am’s drills, I was on my toes, waiting to answer a question that came my way. Before coming here, the only presentations I had given were mocks about peculiar topics, but only to my father. In Vatsala Ma’am’s class, or Prof. Vidyabhushan Arya’s debates, I started framing my opinions better and better over time. My vocabulary had improved, and my choice of words was changing for the better.

Everyone has different facets on their personality which made their ideas unique. I am currently in the process of finding that facet in myself. I have always been an introvert, and chosen to speak to only a certain group of people. Once I’d find a comfortable group, I would seldom try to talk to the others in my batch. But, that wasn’t the case here. I think the monthly shuffling of the divisions made it easier for me to meet different people. Initially, I had preconceived notions about a lot of my batch mates, but I made a lot of new friends as I ventured outwards and approached different people.

A kind of confidence started cultivating in me – I spoke to almost everyone in my batch, whether I liked them or related to them or not. It was nice to be waved at or hugged across the corridors, and to not be ignored

My time so far at Symbiosis Center of Media and Communication has been exhilarating. I have met people from so many different walks of life, experienced insecurity and heartbreak, and felt myself grow as a person, with the ability to talk to anyone I wish.

I hope the future semesters will help me grow as an individual more.


Article by: Pari Tavate (Batch of 2019)
Illustration by: Anwesha Basu (Batch of 2019)