Given my never-ending inclination for interdisciplinary studies, I was enticed by the fact that my course was not confined to a particular field, but incorporated subjects from all three streams

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, it often becomes difficult to absorb everything around us. One of the perks of being a kid is that you can actually juggle various activities simultaneously. However, as we grow up, it becomes increasingly difficult to indulge in several things together, and gradually, we learn how to prioritize. This implies choosing some things over others. My ‘problem’ was that my interests were manifold and could not be confined to a particular field. Choosing any one field of study would imply missing out on an opportunity to learn so many other things, and that was something I was simply not prepared to accept. In a nutshell, I was going the dilemma of having too much to choose from.

I was constantly afraid that I won’t be able to explore all possible realms, an urge which kept me motivated since childhood. However, the journey through the first semester at SCMC made my fears disappear into thin air. Going through my courses and their syllabi made me feel like a little kid lost in a candy shop, for I was elated and excited. From being baffled by the Mayans while studying History to questioning the concept of money in Economics. From studying the evolution of media in Sociology to understanding the various theories of communication, each course has something special in it. We contemplated over the true meaning of liberty and gained more insights on consumer behaviour. We were taught to analyze movies and look at them beyond leisurely purposes. Theoretical knowledge about photography was always translated into practical experience. Be it studying the technicalities of an organization or thinking out of the box during Aesthetics and Visual Communication, it has been an unforgettable journey which words can barely express.

Moreover, the absence of textbooks gave me the liberty to delve into the depths of each subject and find connections between them. The most remarkable part, in my opinion, was the fact that no subject or skill was disregarded, and all of it was deemed equally essential. This is valid not only in the context of academics, but co-curricular activities as well. The literary and cultural fests brought out the best in all of us, and the lecture demonstrations enthralled me by the way education was imparted in the most innovative of ways.

Now that I think of it, the most important lesson that I’ve learnt in SCMC is that everything doesn’t have to be in black or white; there are a multitude of colours which lie in between, waiting to be dispersed. I have been fortunate enough to not only be given the liberty to explore new fields, but also widen my perspective with regard to the known ones. Additionally, I’ve learnt to lay emphasis on critical thinking, academic inquiry, and looking at the broader picture in order to make connections between different fields and learn the art of multitasking.  The fervour to explore was not extinguished, but reignited in the journey through the first semester at SCMC and I cannot even begin to fathom how grateful I am for being a part of this college. Quoting Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”


Article by: Bhavna Kankaria (Batch 2019)

Photograph by: Malvika Nowlakha (Batch 2019)