A Place That Changed My Mindset Forever

On my first day, I made it to the classroom much before my peers did, which gave me ample time to observe each one of them as they entered

Looking for a fresh start after spending two years of my life at an engineering college, I came to SCMC. During the course of those two years, I had lost my way and had forgotten what it was like, to follow my heart. When it came to making all the big decisions in my life, I had been encouraged to never compromise, but somehow I felt I’d made a big mistake by pursuing the Science stream and then Engineering.

Nonetheless, I came to SCMC after having thought about what I really wanted out of my life. “Sports Journalism”, converting my passion for sports into expression, that is what I wanted to do, and with this agenda in mind, I stepped into college.

On my first day, I made it to the classroom much before my peers did, which gave me ample time to observe each one of them as they entered. As each arrived, I noticed that they all belonged to different parts of the world, and walked in with excitement written all over their face. That day, I felt that over the course of the next three years these students will only motivate me to do better, to be the best amongst the best.

The excitement, coupled with the introductory sessions with teachers and the orientation session made me realize that this was really happening to me, that I was finally going to be able to do what I like to do, without making any compromises.

It was during our first lecture itself that I realized that merely reading the newspaper and knowing what was happening around the world wasn’t enough. Due to the debates that followed after we discussed current affairs, I understood the real meaning of Journalism. I learnt that it was important for us to assess the consequences of each event, in terms of its impacts on our way of living, on the society and on the world. I understood the importance of being aware, and becoming an aware Journalist to put across the whole and unbiased truth for people to read and understand.

What my first day taught me holds great importance even today as I reflect upon the three years that I’ve spent at SCMC. This institute has taught me everything when it comes to looking at life with the “RIGHT” perspective. Discipline is something that I value the most, having developed it over time owing to the rules and regulations that are laid down at college. Today, as I step into the media industry as an aspiring Sports Journalist, I know I always have the support of my peers and my teachers. I have developed into a different, and a better person, and this, I owe to all the experiences at college that have shaped me.


Article By: Rohan Shukla (Batch of 2017)

Photograph By: Kritika Siroliya (Batch of 2019)