I fell in love with the feeling of holding the powerful instrument in my hands.

When my flight took off from Chandigarh on a hot July afternoon, I did not know anything about photography. I knew what a DSLR looked like, and could click decent enough. Or at least I thought I could. My first photography lesson was taken by Mr. Suhas Gatne and I am thankful to him for introducing me to this art of capturing emotions and moments. And ever since that class, I have loved photography!

We started with the absolute basics, which I think is the reason that my interest built up! The theory was not as much fun as the practical. I fell in love with the feeling of holding the powerful instrument in my hands.

My interest was the highest when I was introduced to the work of the great Steve McCurry. His beautiful work was breath taking! We were in our photography club, where we were discussing whether editing photographs was ethical or not! The pictures were raw and perfect. Each narrated a different story. They captured your fancy and made you want to know more about everything related to the subject.

Initially, I would look around and find myself in the company of people who were extremely talented and were also earning through photography. I doubted myself multiple times, but these super talented classmates helped me get better over a period of few months. I caught up with my super talented companions and was finally able to operate a camera without much assistance.

It was not a very long time before I did my first photoshoot. I dressed up one of my classmates. It took me two whole hours before I was satisfied but those two hours flew past like minutes! Even while working I had so much fun. The idea of a photoshoot was stolen from our first photography assignment where we had to click objects from multiple distances. I enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the assignment.

I am truly thankful to SCMC for giving me the opportunity to learn this art. Someday, I wish to become a travel photographer.


Article By: Aashin Kapoor (Batch of 2019)

Photograph By: Nairika Lodhi (Batch of 2019)