“Photographer as a Brand”


Bright and early on the morning of 10 June, 2021, the students of SCMC eagerly awaited a lecture from Mr. Vikram Singh Bawa. A veteran photographer, Mr. Bawa graced us with his presence and gave an insightful lecture on the photographer as a brand.

Mr. Bawa is a fashion photographer, film director, and a photo-artist based in Mumbai. He is known for pushing the thresholds of art and creativity with new techniques, styles, fashion films, cinemagraphs, stop motion, CGI and much more. Back in 1998, he brought 3D photography to India, and created the first 3D covers for magazines like Elle. Mr. Bawa has also shot the iconic cover of The Immortals of Meluha, a bestseller by Amish Tripathi.

A seasoned professional, Mr. Bawa smiled genially as he spoke about his passion for photography. He explained that photos always remind him of something—an event, a journey, a day. For him, photography was a way of capturing his daily life. “My DSLR used to be around my neck 24/7. Even when I was sleeping, it used to be on my bed,” he laughed.

He described his journey to the top, and the hard work that still goes into staying there. From showing up to set two hours before anyone else, to working with extremely specific requirements for brands, it is not an easy climb. Mr. Bawa discussed the process and the people involved in the creation of an image.

When asked, “How do you make yourself into a brand?” his answer was simple and practical—begin with ten great images. “Try to be consistent. Stick to what you love, don’t jump in and out of projects.” Mr. Bawa explained that when it comes to branding, don’t focus on the branding part of it—focus on producing great work. Taking small steps is crucial, staying positive even more so. Taking feedback from mentors and clients is essential. “Be consistent. Consistently produce good work. You can’t do a bad job, because every job is your last job,” he added.

“Consistency, patience, and meeting and showcasing your work—that is what branding is about.”

Prishita Das
(Batch 2022)

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