It is Perhaps a Blessing in Disguise


Andy Bernard from The Office (US), rightly said, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in “the good old days” before you’ve actually left them.”

Around the same time last year, I was excited to be back home. A couple of friends from SCMC and I were excited to work together during our first development sector internship, we got the privilege of volunteering with an NGO that works towards the welfare of blue-collar workers. Since it wasn’t a work-intensive environment, we had ample time to catch up with our friends and focus on our recreational needs. On one such relatively free day, my friends from SCMC and I decided to watch Avengers: Endgame together. It is a film that holds a deep significance in all our hearts since it marked the end of an era. Additionally, we managed to bag discounted tickets since my father was an employee of the mall’s management. I distinctly remember the manner in which my friends cackled, while I bawled relentlessly towards the end of the film. A few moments like those are now significant memories that are constantly being pushed further and further behind my memory reel.

COVID 19, is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges posed to humanity in the 21st century, affecting over 211 countries and resulting in several casualties. It is indeed unfortunate that it has dominated the list of terrible occurrences in the new decade so far, following the Australian fires and the Brazilian floods. Therefore, anxiety and fear are almost inevitable, considering the uncertainty of our futures.

However, over time I have realized that the quarantine period might actually be a blessing in disguise for several reasons. “If only I had the time” would never be an excuse. Personally, I believe that the quarantine period has provided me room for all the introspection I would otherwise avoid. Starting my morning with 10 minutes of deep meditation has changed the way I view my life completely.

We, collectively as a species tend to miscalculate the magnitude of our problems. Yes, some people may have it better, but there are others that have it way worse. Several volunteers on the frontline of COVID 19 are oblivious of what could happen to them each day. However, they prioritise their work as healthcare professionals over their personal desires.

Our insecurities and problems will perhaps, never cease to exist. However, we can choose to focus on the more important issues and avoid scrutinizing ourselves over things that don’t necessarily affect our day to day functioning. It is a great time to pursue a new hobby or enhance existing skills. Personally, I have been learning more about my family’s history and working on my linguistic, artistic skills. I believe that as long as we don’t let the heroes in our soul perish in lonely frustration, we can persevere through these trying times and come out as rejuvenated individuals, taking better care of our dear planet.

Hamsini Narasimhan
(Batch 2021)