Perfecting your CSR Strategy


On the 22nd of October, a guest lecture by Ms. Komlin Kaur provided insights into the role of an effective CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy in brand management. A communications professional and storyteller with close to 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Kaur believes in the powerful influence of storytelling for changing people’s perceptions. Right from Public Relations, Internal Communications, Analyst Relations to Reputation and Advocacy Management, she has done it all. Having associated with various committees that work for the needs of people with disabilities, she currently works as a leader of Internal Communications at McAfee India and is also a member of the CSR Core Committee.

Right off the bat, it was very clear that she believes in real stories; she believes in communication through storytelling. With prominent examples of companies such as Target, Walt Disney, Netflix, Tata, and so many more, Ms. Kaur explained that CSR is much broader than what it seems. Besides being a legal obligation, practising CSR is vital for building trust and goodwill; as well as for reinforcing a company’s reputation and avoiding risks. Through her presentation, she provided some jaw-dropping statistics which revealed how CSR can directly or even indirectly affect the revenue of the company, considering 60% of a consumer’s willingness to buy a product depends on the company’s reputation.

Along with her anecdotes, Ms. Kaur also advised on the right path for starting our own CSR journey in the industry. She emphasized on focusing on creating relationships that fulfil the larger organisational goal; to shift our focus from the fact that CSR is a mandatory requirement to the fact that it is a process that empowers and lifts communities and people in need.

We discussed Digital Literacy, Employee Engagement and so many other facets of CSR that are generally overlooked. Overall, our key takeaways from Ms. Kaur’s lecture on building an effective CSR Strategy were: Identifying our strengths; Knowing our customers’ value; Engaging our employees;  Auditing and keeping track of the operations conducted.

In my opinion, the best part about this session was the anecdotal and story-like way of Ms Kaur’s presentation. Two hours seemed to whoosh by and truly gave all the attendees a strong sense of how one must go about CSR whenever we counter it on our professional journeys.

Abhigyan Chakravorty
(Batch 2023)

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