I have come to the conclusion that if you get your communication right, it solves majority of the problem

College so far has been a ride. It has been a plethora of experience and emotions all bundled up together. But when I look back now at the past few months spent in Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC), I try to gather the ways in which this new life has affected me.

If you were to ask my parents, they would tell that I’m an ambivert and more of an introvert with new company. I have always enjoyed having that perfect blend of socializing and shyness at the right instances. But more often than not, I have always yearned to be more outgoing with new people.

After joining SCMC, I realized that I was in the company of one hundred and fifty other students whom I had never met before. Obviously socializing was the answer here. So I took little steps and started mingling with one student, then slowly like a chain reaction I had befriended around 10 students on my first day of college and an entire class in about a month. This was quite a shocking improvement for me. I think the initial sessions with teachers and the various clubs had aided in this great feat of mine. And then came the shuffling of the classes; a thought detested by all. I think, initially everyone dreads change.

It was only after the shuffle that I realized that it was all in our favor – for the entire batch to communicate with each other and not look at each other like strangers.

I recall now that even at the end of my high school I had failed to recognize about fifty percent of my fellow-mates out of an approximate of 250 students. On the contrary I can now proudly tell that I have communicated well with all my batch mates. Not only my batch-mates but I have also successfully communicated with my seniors as well which has helped a lot through my first semester. This is an achievement for me.

This may sound very petty to an outsider but I have personally seen a change in myself; as though I have come out of my introverted shell – I have been communicating better with people. I would like to believe that SCMC has pushed me to communicate better. It has affected me to an extent that I love to befriend new people. And as I am writing this report today, I can tell you that I have been able to communicate better all through my internship so far, be it with kids or teachers. I have come to the conclusion that if you get your communication right, it solves majority of the problems. And I have college to thank for this change.


Article by: Aishwarya Mani (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Snigdha Jain (Batch of 2019)