When you have professional equipment around you to work with, you are genuinely motivated to perform better

As five semesters have passed, most of us are at a point where we now break the shackles and finally enter the industry of our dreams. Five semesters of coming to class, attending lectures maintaining attendance, handling projects and setting goals for the next semester. There were courses in the first year that I reluctantly attended. Those that I knew, I wouldn’t require later in my area of work. Although, with this mental sorting, my coveted path became clearer. Further, in my second year, it was strengthened as to which line of work I would be pursuing academically. And by the third year, I knew what I wanted to do as a professional. It has been a long journey.

Surely, Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication is the best mass communication college in India – when it comes to helping you in shaping your career. The college tells people what they are good at, and wherever they need to improve more, owing to its the intense and rigorous program structure.

When the Sound Department, headed by Prof. Chandrashekhar Sagade, got new equipment, which included Zoom H6 recorders, boom mics and boom poles, I was really excited. When you have professional equipment around to work with, you are genuinely motivated to perform better and push yourself beyond your limits. It’s a privilege to study in a college that has been able to provide us with state of the art equipment. It surely is a big deal and I am very thankful to my college for it.

The college is really enthusiastic when it comes to pushing work around. The administration is competent enough to provide a working platform for students before they get their hands dirty in the industry. Being in the AV department, we now have to work for our degree films. We have excellent faculty like Ms. Anjali Agrawal and Ms. Sonal Radia Tyagi who are there to guide us at every step. This is a very competitive ground to prove our skills and talent and as we enter the final semester of our college, I hope everyone lands where they want to.

Article by: Shashwat Sriwastava (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Aroshi Handu (Batch of 2019)