Orientation For SCMC’s 2025 Batch: A New Journey Begins!


The Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC) organised an orientation programme on September 7th, 2022, to welcome the students of Batch 2025. As they embark on their three-year undergraduate journey, the students were given an insight into the life at SCMC, its culture and its academic rigour during the orientation programme.
The programme was held at the auditorium and hosted by Maansi Anand, the head of the Student Council, along with cultural coordinators Chitra Raj, Aalokbarsha Bose and Apekshith Ganesh. Along with students of the incoming batch, their parents were also in attendance.

The programme started with Dr. Sunil Belladi, Assistant Professor in the journalism department, delivering the welcome address, followed by a briefing by SCMC’s Director Dr. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan. Later, the faculty members in-charge of the four specialisations offered at SCMC (Advertising, Audio-Visual, Journalism and Public Relations) gave insights into each one of them. Students are required to choose one of these four specialisations before their third and final year in college commences.

“We must not manipulate news, we must not sensationalise news,” stated Professor Amitabh Dasgupta, HoD for Journalism. Speaking about the Advertising specialisation, Professor Manish Hingorani explained how in today’s day and age, advertising is all about consumer experience. “Here at SCMC, we incorporate experiential learning along with our courses,” Dr Aviini Ashikho, HoD for the Public Relations specialisation, pointed out. Finally, Dr Baidurya Chakrabarti briefed the new batch about the audio-visual specialisation, emphasising how “stories are profound reflections and refractions of the world we live in”.

Before the conclusion of the programme, SCMC’s administrative office Megha Mhaske and the campus administrator Colonel G.S Radkar briefed the students and their parents about administrative functioning of SCMC, as well as the rules and regulations applicable to the campus.

But perhaps what warmed the hearts of most of the students during the orientation programme was when they got to meet Yen and Euro, the two pet dogs living on Symbiosis’ Viman Nagar campus. As a gesture of gratitude, luncheon was organised at the mess for the new batch of students as well as the parents after the conclusion of the programme.

Ishika Gupta and Suruchi Kumari
(Batch 2024)