Opening New Doors

I knew that the moment I’d cross the college gates, my life would be transformed, and this thought excited me

Having lived in Dubai all my life, India, for me, was merely an annual summer holiday destination. When I first decided to pursue my career in the field of Journalism, in India, my parents were worried I wouldn’t fit in. Frankly, I was unsure myself. I vividly remember the date. It was on the 1st of June, 2014, that I packed my bags and flew to India, to start a new chapter in my life. I still had a month before classes commenced. Getting accustomed to India wasn’t an easy task for me, especially without my parents’ presence.

After a long, uncomfortable month of getting used to India, started my first day at college. I was nervous and afraid, but ecstatic at the same time. I remember standing in front of the mirror for nearly an hour, rehearsing the conversations I was hoping to have with all the new people I’d meet through the course of the day. Curiosity was gradually taking over me. I knew that the moment I’d cross the college gates, my life would be transformed, and this thought excited me.

I have a very faint memory of my first day at college, but every day after that has been etched in my memory. I came in, timid, scared, and a little immature, with hardly any knowledge of the world. However, owing to the lectures, projects, assignments and field trips, I was exposed to the world I didn’t know existed.

Learning to live independently, away from the comfort of my home, was something I learnt gradually. I began exploring the city on my own, travelling, interacting with new people and making mature decisions. I stopped depending on my parents for trivial problems, as I would initially. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realised that I had changed for the better, and had come a long way from my first day at college.

Today, as I look back at the three years that I’ve spent at college, I am glad that I left the protective cocoon, despite my uncertainty. As I travel down my memory lane, I only feel grateful for having had this opportunity. Every obstacle made me stronger and I’m thankful for the support I got here, from my friends, professors and my seniors.


Article by: Priyanka Prakash (Batch of 2017)

Photograph by: Kritika Siroliya (Batch of 2019)