His ideas on reporting inspired me

Professor Ramesh Menon, author, journalist and a documentary filmmaker, introduced me to basics of News Reporting at Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication. His approach towards everything was absolutely simple. He insisted that his classes stayed interactive. He believed that teaching was more a two way communication and we all gladly reciprocated. His classes were an adventure in their own way.

His sessions gave me an insight into the Journalistic world. He taught us the fundamental elements of interviewing, disaster reporting, features and so much more. He always focused on keeping things very simple. There was never a dull moment in his class. His lectures were filled with examples which were relatable and his own personal experiences. His ideas on reporting inspired me. Passion driven, he never failed to answer any of my questions, inside and outside his class. He was always open to all our suggestions.

He also gave me one of my most interesting assignments that I enjoyed thoroughly. We were supposed to go out and find our own story and report it. It could be about ANYTHING. That freedom to write and experience a journalist’s life was something that I cannot describe in words. I took this opportunity and decided to write a feature with two other students. We got our ideas approved from Sir and continued to work on our assignment. Writing a feature on the spoken word trend booming in Pune was a beautiful and cherished journey. We all learnt so much from the assignment.

Prof. Ramesh Menon has always encouraged all our ideas and constantly motivated us. Every teacher has his or her own way of teaching but this man was something else. He is one of the best teachers that the Mass Communication batch has had for Journalism.

Article by: Ayushi Bose (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Akhil Reddy (Batch of 2019)