I was dumbstruck to see people of such varied cultures and upbringings around me

I have wanted to become a journalist since I was in class 7. For the first few years, I didn’t know what it meant to be a journalist and what their job profile was. I simply found the profession glamorous and exciting. However, once I found out about the nuances of journalism, I also discovered the path towards achieving my dream and that path was through Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC).

Every time I browsed through the college website and its Facebook page, I felt more motivated and confident to enter the place. Hence, when I finally entered the college, I could see new chapters of my life unfolding in front of my eyes.

All this wasn’t as easy as I thought, though. Pune seemed to be a faraway land for someone like me, who was born and brought up in Chandigarh. I had no idea as to how I would survive all by myself. However, there were a few things which I had carried with me along with my belongings, which motivated me every time I felt low – my dreams and my determination. I never let my passion for journalism fade away even a bit and that constantly kept me on my toes.

If I have to talk about my positive experience in the first semester here, the list is going to be endless. SCMC was a whole new world for me and everything seemed like a high point. However, it all began with the orientation ceremony on 9th July 2016. That was the first time I saw people from the industry talking directly to us and giving us insights of the real world which otherwise, would have remained hidden. Those speeches by the industry people, I feel have left an indelible mark on me. This continued throughout the first semester. Every time I knew we had a guest speaker from the industry, I couldn’t stop jumping with joy. That, I guess, has been the highest point for me since I came here. No other college, I guess, gives such exposure to beginners. Whenever I saw someone speaking with such passion about their careers and about the realities of the industry we are about to enter, I felt an adrenaline rush inside me which instilled a new faith in myself to go and conquer the industry.

Another aspect of my college life till date, which has helped me in calling SCMC my new home is the different regions and cultures that students have come from. When one grows up in a particular kind of environment, one gets used to the atmosphere and culture of that place. However, when I entered SCMC I was dumbstruck to see people of such varied cultures and upbringings around me. It depends on people how they take this diversity. As for me, I learnt to take it positively. I learnt that one should not challenge others’ beliefs and accept their ways of thinking as well. Everyone has a different way of thinking and how we implement it while accepting others’ lifestyles as well, is what makes us different. I have become a lot more calm, accepting and open to others’ opinions. This I believe won’t just help me in my future career as a journalist but also in leading a satisfied life. I’ve learnt that I am perfect with all my flaws, that everyone has something in them which makes them unique and life is a journey all about finding that ‘something’.

So, thank you SCMC for helping me accept myself!


Article by: Prakriti Arya (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Akhil Reddy (Batch of 2019)