New Age Advertising : The KNOW-HOWS


On Tuesday, 29 th September, the second-year students had a guest lecture with Ms. Kiran Bhat, the Managing Director of Xebec Communications. Having worked as a skilled professional in the Advertising industry with brands like Kotak Mahindra, Ms. Bhat conducted a session on ‘New Age Ad Agencies and Advertising today’ for the students.

The session was interactive, with a lot of enthusiastic responses from the students as she began with talking about the differences between traditional and new age advertising, following it up with how advertising today is a combination of branding, great content and the company’s performance. She also expanded on the importance of content creation and the differences between corporate content making and personal.

Taking various examples and encouraging the students to do so as well, Ms. Bhat used famous ad campaigns from Nike, Amazon, etc. to convey to the students the need to go beyond the required to make a mark and build a community, therefore building brand affinity. Ms. Bhat even took the time to introduce and explain some industry terms to the students, while teaching them the primary roles of advertising, focusing on digital marketing and AI and its scope in the current scenario.

Ms. Bhat also introduced the students to the different departments in an ad agency, explaining the work that happens in each and answering questions that the students had, further helping them form an opinion for future career options. From accounts management to design specialists in the tech team, she illuminated the pros and cons of each department. The students were extremely passionate and engaged
throughout the session, asking many questions toward the end making for a fun session, with both the students and Ms. Bhat enjoying the company of each other.

Deepta Jairaj
(Batch 2022)

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