Nanda Sajeev Leads the Way with the PRCI Young Communicators Club


Nanda Sajeev, a student of Batch 2022 specializing in Public Relations, has been appointed West Zone Secretary for the Public Relations Council of India’s Young Communicators Club (PRCI-YCC). Growing up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nanda’s exposure to different cultures helped her attain her strongest skills – Communications and Relationship Building. As a fellow Public Relations Internship Coordinator, I have often experienced Nanda’s thoughtfulness and skilled communication.

In conversation with Nanda, we shared our experiences as international students from the Middle-East, having to adapt to a complete change of culture, language, and people. SCMC was the first choice for both of us! Although it was difficult in the beginning, we adapted faster than we thought; mostly because of the environment at SCMC, and the people around us. There are many NRI students around who have experienced the same; and hence, it made it easier to create a home here at SCMC.

Nanda expressed how SCMC has offered her various opportunities to gain essential experience in PR, including the recent PRCI-YCC webinar on ‘New Age Media and Censorship.’ Currently, she is pursuing her industry internship in a PR agency – Concept PR. For Nanda, these experiences have been not only been enriching, but have also helped her gain insights into the field of Public Relations.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Q: How has your journey in PRCI been so far?

Nanda: “The journey with PRCI-YCC has been short; but most definitely, a wonderful one; which is also why I am looking forward to more of it.  In a short span of time, I have gotten a chance to gain several experiences. I am sure that the new journey as Secretary-West Zone of PRCI-YCC is unquestionably going to give me knowledge and exposure, which will be useful in my life and career.”

Q: And what are the different aspects of Public Relations you’ve discovered being part of PRCI-YCC?

Nanda: “Being part of PRCI has definitely given me a hands-on and real-life understanding of how the field works. There were a range of facets that I was introduced to like Media Relations, Strategic and Internal Communications. I got to learn about a critical and very interesting part of PR, which is events. As everyone knows, events play an important role in PR; and thanks to PRCI, I now know the intricacies involved in planning, executing and organizing one!”

Q: Lastly, how did you feel after being selected as Secretary-West Zone for PRCI Young Communicators Club?

Nanda: “I am extremely happy to be selected for this position. Being a member of PRCI-YCC is itself a very exciting opportunity for me; and now that I have been selected as Secretary-West Zone, I can’t wait to begin my role. I am truly looking forward to this new responsibility. I want to and will give my best to the same.”

As Nanda enters her final year at SCMC, she is excited about specialising in Public Relations and eager to begin her role as PRCI-YCC’s Secretary for the West Zone of India.

Siddhi Jain
(Batch 2022)

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