I experienced what my future job would be like

I always wanted to do mass communication. I remember coming to give my interview in the campus and hoping to get admission here, the interviewers even asked me whether what I really wanted to specialise in as it was a vast field and I knew the answer then and still do, Audio-Visual production.

I waited patiently for a year to get my hands on a video camera after getting to learn its basic operations in theory. The time came in the second year where we finally had the chance to operate a video camera and continued to do so for the coming year as well. Practical classes were easily the best days. I’d rush to get the camera and the equipment as soon as our professor would tell us to. I actively participated in the weekly sessions conducted. I was probably the most hyperactive and excited of the whole lot!

The first time I ever got to operate a camera by myself was an emotional experience. I loved every bit of it, I would make mistakes, but at the end of the day I learned as well. I experienced what my future job would be like.

The most memorable day would be the day I was the DOP for a crane shot. It was the last day of the semester’s practical class and I so wanted to give my best and make up for all the shots I did not shoot well as per the expectations I had from myself. I was nervous. It was my first time ever on a crane. I suddenly recollected the times where I would see the behind the scenes of a particular documentary or movie and the cameraperson, sitting on a crane would shoot extremely complex shots.

Then it was the time for our shots to be reviewed by our professor and I hoped for mine to be close to average, at least. But to my surprise it turned out to be the best shot. This practical was supposed to be the most difficult and challenging of all. This was the best end to my much awaited camera practical where I got to learn things which would help me improve as an aspiring cinematographer and look back to this institution where I got to learn and experience a bit of my dream job.

Article by: Aariya Tyagi (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Yash Aggarwal (Batch of 2019)